Palaz is a Palazoğlu brand which is adapted for world wide requirements of modern age.

Nearly no one combines tradition and innovation as Palazoglu does. The combination of tradition and innovation has always been a secret of company Palazoglu. The company was found in 1954 and has grown from a small forge to a production site of air-tired horse trailers and further on tractor trailers. Progress and further development have been always part of the company and led it to what it is today. Palazoglu is leader farm trailer producer in Turkey with his more than 150 domestic partner.

Palazoğlu has been start to be famous at out of Turkish border beginning 2000’s years with his tradition, innovation, quality and partnership policy. Brand is working with more than 50 partners from Japan to Uruguay today according modern age, innovation, quality, user and partner satisfaction policy.

We are serving this global partner network with 3500 pcs per year production capacity.

1950, APRIL
Palazoğlu founded by Selami PALAZ    -who who emigrated from Greece to Turkey- as a plough producer.
He was worker for a Agricultural Equipment producer in Greece when he was young.
Selami PALAZ has experience when found Palazoğlu. And started to produce plougs in 1950.



Palazoğlu succeeded to be famous in a short time as a plough brand thanks to experience of Mr. Selami, quality and honesty policy.
Palazoğlu was selling his products at workshop until he started to make some Palazoğlu dealers in his territory. Palazoğlu recieved many partnership requests and created first dealer network in a short period.
1954, JULY
“-Why Don’t You Produce Trailer?”
Some of clients and dealers asked that question after successful period of ploughs.
This idea was suitable for Mr. Selami because he was producing trailers when he was working for Greek equipment producer.

Palazoğlu trailer team was established in 1954. And started to produce wooden horse trailers. Success was achieved in a short time as in the plough. Palazoğlu name started to be heard outside the region. After another succesful period of horse trailers Palazoğlu decided to produce trailers for tractors regarding requests of the thriving agricultural sector.
It was not difficult to get adapt to tractor trailers
for horse trailer producer.
But Palazoğlu needed to larger production area because
of increasing requests and to improve the quality.
  Palazoğlu moved to bigger workshop to catch his missions and be stronger in his area.
 He established the machine park. He recruited more staff.
And he started to rising as a tractor trailer brand.
Palazoğlu reached to all over Turkey via his dealers
 with his registered brand name
His workshop was not enough because of requirements
of the modern age and increasing demand.
Palazoğlu needed more machines to be faster
and to improve the quality.
And 2nd generation builded a factory
to reach more people and make them satisfied.
He reached to 1.500 pcs / year capacity after moved to new factory.
And worked with %100 capacity for a while.
Foreign partners joined to Palazoğlu network and demand increased day by day.
He revized his factory and reached 2.500 pcs / year capacity,
Partners in every Turkish cities and partners in 4 continent.
Palazoğlu became a leader tractor trailer producer
in Turkey with this production capacity and partner network.
Founder Mr. Selami PALAZ had adopted the “be better than yesterday” strategy. Palazoğlu followed this strategy. Electrostatic powder coating system established regarding final user satisfaction policy. This painting methot is the first time using in Turkey by Palazoğlu.
After sideboard pressing process
sideboards goes to welding burr cleaning and check.
After cleaning, sideboards goes to
electrostatic powder paint conveyor with chassis number.
Sidebords which are on conveyor
first station is washing room. Panels
are cleaning with chemical solution
to get perfect results and.
And powder process is starts.
Sideboars are goes to dry room
after bath to get dry and perfect surface.
Drying finished. Sideboards go to
coating at the new and innovative
surface coating plant
to protect them from corosion.
Automatic sprayers can
spray powder paint homogen.
And every product has same thickness
of powder and same tone.
It lets perfect wiew.
Sideboards goes to oven for final.
Its time for powder to get coating.
After this process sideboards
have paint coating.
It’s healty,
strong and  stay anti corrosion
for years.
Electrostatic powder coating system was a start of innovation and adaptation of modern age.
Palazoğlu logo was changed to modern wiew as an indicator of innovation.

PALAZ brand is totaly focused to Foreign Markets


2nd factory is ready for “To be better than yesterday”.
2nd Factory raised on 21.340 m² area.
4 pcs of 105 meters production line
which are equiped with modern age machines allows to serve
good quality with short time.

Palazoğlu started to serve his network with workshop.

Now keeping going to serve them with 2 trailer factory

with 3th generation of administration.


To be sure of the quality of a product, it is very important to produce it entirely by yourself. Due to this fact, We are producing all construction of trailer in his production lines. Production process of Axles, sideboards, chassis, drawbars and their assembliation period complete in our production lines. Painting process is completing with electrostatic powder coating methot.

System and components approval of EU commission regulations is completed successfully. ECE R55 approved components and 2015/68/EU regulated axles are creating 167/2013/EU Type Approved Trailers and Tanks.

We are proud to use our own axles and our own component to create Type Approved Products.


Palaz product range is between 1 tons and 30 tons.

Palazoglu is producing below products with high quality standart;

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