To provide safe transport of high payloads on difficult terrain it requires the convincing features of our three-side tandem trailer. Through its compact building method the driving unit enables high manoeuvrability and ensures above all maximal stability and safety when loading, discharging and driving.

The especially low platform height, height-adjustable tow bar and efficient brakes provide the maximum driving comfort and safety at high speed. With its various equipment versions the tandem model is the best transport solution for beginners as well as experienced professionals.


Sturdy frame made from ST-52 steel profile for durability and safety. Triangle
form allows you balance during transportation and unloading in any terrain.
ST-52 Steel profile is placed at the most critical part of chassis also; tipping
cylinder beams.





Suspension is designed with heavy duty parabolic springs. System is serving you the most comfortable
and safety transportation in any terrain and condition. Components are tolerancing stresses on chassis if
there is too much pressure. Otherwise components are not flexing with load according loading capacity.
And you platform ground clearance is stay stable.





2,5 mm steel sheet is become sideboards in our production line. Profiles of sideboards are designed with
more than half century experience. You can choose your sideboards 1 piece or 2 pieces with pillar in the
middle. Tensioner is makes our sideboards stronger as it can be.






Sideboards are equipped with steel casting hingles. Steel casting does not
allow bending depends on usage during time. That means Palaz users do not
face with leaking problem for sideboards.





4 mm reinforced floor is created for durabilitation against any kind of load.
Steel sheet base to ensure ideal sliding of the load, rectangular folded on
every side to provide optimal stability.





Axle is made by ST-52 quality profile. In the name of robustness, it achieves
integrity with the st-52 chassis. Thus, the weight-bearing construction is
secured with the ST-52 quality thick profiles. Does not worry you with its
durability, It adapts to all conditions with its flexibility.





Trailers are equipped with fenders to block your mudguards during transportation. Palaz trailers are
paying attention to drivers which are at your back on the road to safe drive.






Nobody knows that which time you can face with problems. Therefore it is good to be ready for small
operations. You can keep your Equipments with you into tool box. Tyre wedge is ready to use also.






Ladders are placed on front if it is necessary to get in trailer box.






Product Code








Permitted Gross Weight

   8.500 Kg

11.000 Kg

12.800 Kg

16.000 Kg

20.300 Kg

15.000 Kg

16.200 Kg

Unladen Weight (Base Model)

 2.400 Kg

2.900 Kg

3.100 Kg

3.650 Kg

4.300 Kg

4.000 Kg

4.150 Kg

Maximum Payload

6.100 Kg

8.100 Kg

9.700 Kg

12.350 Kg

16.000 Kg

11.000 Kg

12.050 Kg

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Rear connectors will help you if you would like to connect 2nd trailer.

You can use brake, electricity and tipping system with same line.






Jack type brake system is activating brakes manually. You can use it when you park, unloading operation, changing Wheel etc.







Pneumatic brake is avaliable for pneumatic brake tractor users. This system has it own air tank, brake force valve and pneumatic brake actuators. You can adjust your brake force for loaded, half loaded and unloaded.







Automatic brake force regulator is using instead of brake force valve. This component is adjusting brake
force according your payload automatically. You do not have to adjust your brake force for every




Tent is save your load against weather effects like wind, rain, snow etc during transportation. It is easy to
operate when you are opening and closing with Rolling Equipment. Triangle roof platform allows you to
load higher level than sideboard height. It is suitable to demount if it is not necessary to use.






Valve is placed between chassis – tipper body and connected to tipping
cylinder hydraulic system. Valve will be activated and stops to hydraulic flow
if tipper body is level reach to maximum. This system is solution for
overturning problems.





Platform is using during loading to trailer, operating tent / tarpaulin,
transporting operator etc. This platform is become standart if trailer has
tent option.






You can discharge your grain to another vehicle, warehouse, truck etc. Easily. You need hydraulic lines to
use this Equipment. Pipe lenght is 2+2 meters and suitable to load with 450 angle.







Sideboards are getting heavier accoring trailer dimensions. Springs are assisting you to closing sideboards with just 1 operator.






Nobody knows that which time you can face with problem for wheel. Therefore it is good to keep a spare wheel with you. Crane type spare Wheel holder is reach to ground therefore it’s easy to hold it and lift up with minimum human power.







LED tail lights are avaliable in option range.







It is possible your hand can get dirty in the field and you need to wash them. Therefore it is a good option to have your soap and water on your trailer. Push to soap and wash your hands.








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Service and Spare Parts Sales
Our Address
Yeni Kandıra Over the Road 11. Km. İzmit / Kocaeli