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"Palaz Trailer"

About Us
Palaz Trailer, means combination of trust, quality and design.

Our story started in 1954 in a small workshop with emotion. And now, palazoglu has become a global player in the sector with our history, experience and innovation.

Palazoglu was founded by SELAMİ PALAZ, now deceased, in 1954 with his futuristic production policy and foresight. “reaching the most users with constant optimisation with better quality then yesterday” was his dream. We are proud to continue to successfully walk in this way.

since 1954 Discover The Potential

The power of production; It is evident from the products offered by providing high precision controls at every stage. In this way, Palaz's signature speaks for itself in the sector. We are sure about our quality because we carry out all processes ourselves. We are proud to serve our global network across 4 continents.


We are serving our network with 2 modern factories, both manufacturing different product lines. The synchronisation of the two factories, our professional attitude towards “before” and “after” sales and innovative production strategy are the reason for our success. Our wide range of partner networks and thousands of happy customers are proof of that.


We carry out everything we do here with great care from start to finish with a sense of responsibility of being a global player in the world, and as a leading  trailer manufacturer in Turkey. At the same time, we maintain the same production excitement as we did on the first day. And we continue with a perfect combination of excitement, experience, tradition and innovation. 

For the first time in Turkey, we started the process of sand blasting and electrostatic powder coating. Because we know that to be an Optimisation leader is an assertive job.